A Sneak Peak at Sony Ericsson Xperia X3 (Rachel) UI

In a move to address the curiosity surrounding its upcoming Xperia X3 smartphone, telecom Sony Ericsson has released a video which displays its new user interface called Rachel.

The mobile handset from the Sony Ericsson is all set to be unveiled on November 3rd and already many technology enthusiasts are waiting to lay their hands on the device which some claim as the first multimedia phone that runs on Google’s Android mobile operating system.

The video launched by Sony Ericsson gives a quick glimpse of the multimedia features that phone reportedly offers and is accompanied by the catchy tagline “We're looking forward to November 3rd. We think you should be too.”

Though the video does not disclose too much detail about the phone, most analysts have high hopes from Sony Ericssons latest offering and they believe that the phone has the potential to stir up the increasingly competitive smartphone market.

Many expect the phone to appeal to corporate users, owing to multitasking support for apps which the Android operating system provides.

It is interesting to note that Sony Ericsson follows a complicated naming convention, which at times uses phrases with additional meanings for its product range and even the Xperia X3 was initially labelled as Sony Ericsson Infinity.