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3 Slashes Mi-Fi Broadband Rates, Adds New Laptops

In an apparent bid to make its service more affordable ahead of the festival season, Mobile operator 3 UK has trimmed down the costs of its latest mobile Wi-Fi, tagged as “Mi-Fi”, by introducing some noteworthy reductions in the upfront costs.

The company has reduced the prices of its one month as well as pay as you go Mi-Fi broadband products, and even added a horde of latest gadgets to its broadband laptop packages.

In a notable reduction, the network operator has significantly brought down the upfront costs of its 3GB pay as you go Mi-Fi deals from £99.99 to £69.99, and the customers’ initial outlay for the operator’s one month 5GB Mi-Fi offer has also been reduced notably from £69.99 to £49.99.

In addition, the company is also offering its customers the chance to purchase the Mi-Fi unit straight-out with no usage at all. This would allow them to add credit to the service with the help of top-up vouchers whenever they need to do so.

The sharp changes in the 3 Mobile’s Mi-Fi bundles have apparently been made as a result of its broadband laptop deals, which has included many high-end laptops to the company’s stable.

In addition, the company has further unleashed an online-only incentive surrounding its 5GB contract deal that reduces a significant £54 off the total price-tag for its 18-month contract.

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