BBC Pushes Political Website Online

In a move that could help UK citizens be a bit closer to the political sphere, the BBC has pushed a political website online which will enable people to watch political debates live and catch up on video coverage.

The new website, dubbed as “Democracy Live”, includes full video coverage of sessions of the country’s political institutions, as well as European Parliament.

The homepage of the website shows an eight-screen video wall featuring the most recent political sessions from each institution.

Not only this, as the website also incorporates a built-in search engine to allow users to search the archive of the website for specific subjects and contributors employing a “speech-to-text” system.

Along with comments, blogs, and video streams, Democracy Live features comprehensive info on each political institution, such as the House of Lords and House of Commons, and members of these institutions.

In addition, the “Historical Moments” section of the website includes videos on various memorable political events occurred in the past two decades.

The chief of BBC political programmes, Sue Inglish, said: “Democracy Live is an important addition to the way the BBC brings politics to our audiences across the UK, allowing people to see first-hand the work of their elected representatives and ensuring we have a healthy and informed democracy”.