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Ideas for a buzz session 1

Watching James May’s Toy Stories on BBC2 this evening reminded me of a 10 minute energiser I’ve used in training sessions. It’s useful mid-afternoon to break up a heavy session like Billing and Customer Collections, or to give a lift to a team to get them going in the morning with something different before work begins.

You just need a couple of packets of cheap modelling clay. Brands like Plasticine or Play Doh work really well, are cheap and come in vibrant colours.

In my example for fun we made Dinosaurs – but models of other things, products, monsters, cars, a model village around your desks you build up over the week, or even models of the management team in your building can cause even more fun.

Divide your team up into syndicate groups of three or four, you need two or three colours of clay available for each group.

The rules! Each separate model must have at least four different parts (arms, head, roof, wheels, etc), with no more than two parts made by any one person.

Before you let them start ask someone to clarify the rules back to you, then the groups have the remaining time to make the best models. Get a wandering third party to judge them later in the day. Send in your pictures please!

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