MPs Called Criminal Tracking Plan “A Shambles”

A group of MPs have slammed the UK’s offender tracking IT system for wasting a huge amount of taxpayer’s money, primarily owing to the way it has been rolled out.

The National Accounts Committee has lambasted the National Offender Management Information System, or simply ‘C-NOMIS’, which has been tailored to track the criminals.

In a rather blunt verdict, the Committee described the system as “a shambles”, and a classic example of “how not to develop a project”.

According to the MPs, the project had not even managed the minimum level of competence in its planning as well as execution, eventually leading to a massive extravaganza and waste.

The Committee estimated that around a massive £41 million have already been wasted because of persistent delays and cost overruns.

“The scale and complexity of what had to be delivered were underestimated; a culture of over-optimism held sway, not subject to rigorous and sceptical challenge; costs were grossly underestimated”, said the Chairman of the Committee Edward Leigh in a statement.

He further pinpointed lack of capacity among senior officials, as well as huge dependability on some key individuals, as the main factors contributing to making the system a complete mess.

Kicked off back in 2004, the project had an initial budget of £234 million, but it was discarded a couple of years back when its budget surpassed £700 million mark.