Samsung Jet Review

As you unpack the box the Jet looks sleek, sexy, even gorgeous. If you saw it in someone else's hands with the AMOLED screen casting it's brilliance out like a ray of glistening hope then you'd certainly be covetous of the precious!

Once you have it yourself you might think 'plastic tat'. A bling phone.

Internally powered by an 800 MHz processor (this is super fast), the user experience and interface are slick and ultra responsive. Multimedia functions and video capture are marvellous plus Samsung's Webkit 3.2 based browser is a definite winner.

Other functions and applications on the Jet are less bouncy and the GPS might as well not be there. I'm certainly curious as to why you'd sell a solid 5 MP performance camera / video capture combo, then only include 2GB of memory and no SD card in the box? (this is naff!)

Customers who buy with their eyes or already have a loyalty to the Samsung brand will be kept sweet and happy by the Jet. Those with no such predisposition or those who pick it up but then think 'Hmm, plastic' may still enjoy the phone features if they can get it free on contract.

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