3 Skypephone S2 Review

Visually much more appealing than the S1 (and heck, it really needed a revamp), the S2 is a candy bar design in charcoal black. It feels a bit plasticky but it's solid construction. Want a brushed chrome and alloy finish? Then pay £200 more.

Power up and the Quicklinks carousel allows glide and tap access to all the best applications including facebook, Gmail, RSS feeds and crowning application - Skype. Free, unlimited and forever Skype to Skype calls from the UK will sell the S2. If you don't use or understand what Skype is, then buy something else for now and come back when you’ve tried it from a PC.

The 3.2 MP camera is good for casual snapping, internet access is fast and smooth and the 2.2 inch screen is ok for status updates or tweeting your every action. 50MB internal memory is tiny, you need to pop in microSD card if you want to save anything or take many of pictures. A USB cable is supplied to connect the S2 to laptops as a 3G dongle. With its HSDPA connectivity it's awesome for casual browsing or if you're caught away from your home WiFi.

Skype users can expect an S2 in their Christmas stocking.

Originally published at OneMobileRing.com