BBC iPlayer Coming to Freesat TVs By The End Of This Month

In a gratifying move for those who’ve opted for Freesat to receive their cost-effective HDTV fill, Freesat has announced that it will be adding the BBC iPlayer video catch up service to its stable by the end of this month.

The provider asserted that it would be the first subscription-free TV platform that would have the complete version of the iPlayer, without necessitating the viewers to add any extra equipment for the purpose.

The controller of television platforms at BBC Future Media and Technology, Rahul Chakkara, quoted on the BBC Internet Blog: “I expect to start a Beta deployment by the end of November using capable Freesat devices”.

The word “capable” here means the devices having the HD capability, as the service won’t initially be available on SD Freesat. However, the provider would reportedly roll out the service over time for the users who haven’t grabbed a HD box yet.

In addition, Freesat is also kicking off an ad campaign very soon with its prime focus being on HD offerings and other Freesat+ options.

The move would perhaps mark a paradigm shift in the way people watch television this Christmas across the UK, as it could prompt users to go more for on-demand content than traditional broadcast shows.