Google Rolls Out Chrome 4.0 Beta and Updates Its Wave Platform

The search engine giant Google has launched the latest iteration of its web browser Chrome while it has also updated its Google Wave platform with the aim of facilitating interoperability amongst Wave servers.

The new version of Chrome offers a bookmark sync feature through which users can avoid the need for manually copying bookmarks amongst different computers and is likely to benefit users who use different computers, say one at work and another at home.

Explaining the feature in a blog post, Google mentioned “Once you've activated Google Chrome bookmark sync on each of your computers, any changes you make to your bookmarks will appear on all synced computers in just a few seconds.”

The new beta edition is also claimed to be 30 percent faster than its previous stable release based on Mozilla's Dromeao DOM Core tests.

Google has also updated the developer instance of its Wave platform which now allows companies with their own Wave servers to interact with the Google infrastructure through the Google Wave Federation Protocol.

Experts believe that Google Wave, which incidentally is built on a federated structure from scratch, can now be used by organizations to further their collaborative computing efforts through the open communication protocol.

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