Many Smartphone Users Veering Away From Touchscreen Handsets, Says Survey

If the findings of a recent survey are to be believed, many smartphone users are not exactly satisfied by their touchscreen phones and for their next phone, more than half of them may choose a handset that offers buttons or stylus.

The surprising findings were revealed in a study conducted by Canalys which covered nearly 3000 cellphone users and tried to understand their preferences related to smartphones.

Explaining the findings, Pete Cunningham, a senior analyst at Canalys, mentioned “This is to be expected, as it is quite a big shift for users to make, but a poor experience with one touchscreen device may dissuade users from trying another one in future.”

He went on to add that vendors should give adequate focus to usability and practicality in their devices similar to the attention they give on making the handsets look appealing.

Of those smartphone users surveyed, most Apple and HTC smartphone users were happy with their user experience while only 29 percent of Sony Ericsson users were ready to stick to their current user interface.

Though the survey does raise some tricky questions for smartphone manufactures, they can take heart from the fact that nearly 38 percent of all cell phone users surveyed expressed their desire to have a touch screen based smartphone as their next mobile handset.