New Trojan Masked As A Game, Affects Mac Users

Security analysts from leading antivirus firm Symantec has warned Mac users of a video game that can act as a Trojan and have labelled it as a potential threat.

The video game in question called Lose/Lose was apparently created by its author as an art project and it features a classic style game play where one can kill aliens; however the catch lies in the fact that killing an alien results in the deletion of a file from the home directory.

Giving his insight into the peculiar nature of the threat posed by a game, Ben Nahorney from Symantec mentioned “Combining games and malware has happened before, but a Mac game performing malicious activities? That's something relatively new.”

The game’s author has clearly stated what the games does in its website but Symantec has still gone ahead and labelled it as a threat, given the potential that the program can be altered to achieve more malicious designs.

When the game launches, it also mentions the consequences of killing aliens, however the innocent concept can lead to data loss if the person playing the game is a minor or an individual who does not know English and thus cannot understand the warning.