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Orange Introduces Unlimited iPhone Contract, No One Notices

When introducing the iPhone 3G to the British Public, Orange also dropped in the first unlimited texts/calls package ever with a mobile phone in the UK with a staggering price tag of £122.34 per month (to rise to £125 by the end of the year).

The 24-month contract is likely to cost around £3000 more than four times more than the entry level package which carries a price tag of £29.36 per month. There are apparently no strings attached to the unlimited minutes and texts. We skimmed through the T&C and found nothing.

However, the unlimited mobile internet browsing still carries a fair usage policy of 750MB per month with the tethering option by default - you get 3GB and don't have to pay any fee. There's also free WiFi thrown in for good measure.

Punters will also get 100 free European Roaming minutes which can be used in Ireland, Channel Islands and Europe 1 zone to make or receive calls. In addition, there's also a measly 20MB monthly European roaming mobile internet browsing that can be used across the aforementioned territories.

You can choose any of the iPhones; Orange has yet to confirm whether it will launch other mobile phones on this extra exclusive contract.

Our Comments

Back in July 2009, Tesco was offering a similar Unlimited mobile phone contract albeit a PAYG version which didn't come with the phone and not many of the goodies offered by Orange. But then it costs less than a quarter of Orange's uber expensive offer.

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