Recycle at Orange stores

Orange today launch Recycle & Reward. A scheme to allow any member of the public to recycle old phones, laptops and personal music players at any UK store in return for a cheque being sent out in around a week.

The amount you get will obviously depend whether your old phone works or not. Suggested values include £85 when recycling a Nokia N95, £75 for a Sony Ericsson C905 and £95 for a Samsung SCH 900. There’s no cash incentive, but they’ll also recycle accessories and other electronic devices that should not be put in landfill. Phone them and ask if you’re thinking of lugging down anything bigger than a games console. ‘Well, my Fridge is electronic…’

Recycling schemes abound in the UK at the moment (which is fantastic) and I’d certainly rather take my phone to a store than entrust it to the Mail.

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