Red Hat Unveils New Virtualisation Platform

Open source software bellwether Red Hat Enterprises has rolled out a new server virtualisation platform in an apparent attempt to capitalise on the rising adoption of the notion of cloud computing among businesses these days.

The company asserted that its new Enterprise Virtualisation for Servers offering would let organisations implement and manage virtualisation server set ups in an efficient manner, and that the platform would enable administrators to better organise virtualised servers based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux platform.

In its newly released platform, the company has incorporated its standalone Virtualisation Hypervisor system along with a Virtualisation Manager tool tailored to help administrators manage multitude of virtualised server set ups.

The platform comes as the second attempt from the company in line with its virtualisation strategy, which seemingly kicked off with the September launch of Enterprise Linux 5.4 operating system that has the capability to support kernel-based virtualised machines.

This has completed Red Hat’s first phase of roll out of technologies relating to the virtualisation sphere that efficiently places its KVM virtualisation technology at the centre.

Paul Cormier, president of products and technologies at Red Hat, said: “Red Hat Enterprise Virtualisation is truly differentiated from other virtualisation solutions as it inherits the powerful functionality, hardware support and certification of Red Hat Enterprise Linux”.