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Stephen Fry Back To Twitter After Threats To Quit

The popular TV anchor, actor and writer, Stephen Fry, on Tuesday has re-joined Twitter again after threatening to leave the microblogging website when one of his followers alleged him of being a bit boring.

The prominent figure in the arena of telly media, Fry, who has gathered a massive 900,000 followers on the website, admitted to feeling embarrassed over having brought up the idea that he might quit the microblogging site Twitter.

In what could be termed as his comeback tweet, Fry wrote: “Arrived in LA feeling very foolish. Wasn't the fault of the fellow who called me 'boring', BTW. A mood thing. Sunshine will help. So sorry”.

It all kicked off when one of the Fry’s followers on the website exhibited the audacity to condemn Fry’s updates on the website as “boring”.

Although it wasn’t as sour as it might be sounding, as the follower quoted that he “admired and adored” Stephen Fry, but tagged his tweets “a bit boring”.

In the fit of depression and apparent embarrassment, Fry replied by tweeting, “I’m obviously not good enough. I retire from Twitter henceforward. Bye everyone”.

The fan later apologised to Fry for hurting him in anyway, and Fry apologised in return for all the criticism the user had to face after his comment, and mentioned he felt “sheepish” about the whole episode.

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