TalkTalk Unveils Competitively Priced High Speed Broadband Plan

With an eye on drawing more web users to its network, leading internet service provider TalkTalk has come up with a new broadband package that offers download speed of up to 24Mbps along with free calls to certain UK numbers.

TalkTalk claims that its new broadband package christened as TalkTalk Pro offers substantial cost savings when compared to similar plans currently available from rivals and believe that the new plan will soon become popular amongst heavy internet users.

Expressing her satisfaction at the unveiling of the new package, Tristia Clarke from TalkTalk mentioned “Once again TalkTalk is challenging the market and providing unbeatable value by offering a premium broadband product at a much lower price than its competitors' packages.”

The broadband package is available on an 18 month contract and is quite attractively priced at just £14.99 a month while users will also have to pay £11.25 extra in lieu of line rentals.

It is interesting to note that TalkTalk had come out with its Pro plan based on research it conducted which found that nearly 1.5 million adults in UK can be termed as ‘Digital Extroverts’ who are always keen to adopt new technology and services.