Unisys Rolls Out Private Cloud Offering, Harps On Cost Savings

In a move aimed at offering secure cloud computing solutions, Unisys on Monday launched its private cloud offering that is designed to help companies develop their own private clouds.

Unisys claims that its solutions are targeted towards companies that are looking for secure cloud computing solutions that can run critical applications and guarantee the security of their sensitive data.

Speaking at the Cloud Computing Conference in Santa Clara California, Richard Marcello, president of technology at Unisys harped on the cost savings that cloud computing can bring to companies and reportedly mentioned “We were able to eliminate a whole bunch of actually U.S.-based jobs and kind of replace them with two folks out of India to serve a 1,200-person engineering organization.”

With job loss due to outsourcing already a controversial issue in the US, the remarks made by Mr. Marcello are unlikely to go down well with many people.

When quizzed after his presentation, Mr. Marcello in his defence has claimed that his argument was more centred on the idea of cost savings that can be achieved rather than job losses and basically he wanted to emphasize that through cloud computing, work can be managed from a remote location at a lower cost.