Google Ramps Up Friend Connect Service, Adds New Features

Google Ramps Up Friend Connect Service, Adds New Features

Google is seemingly taking the notion of social networking more seriously than ever, as in addition to pooling efforts in making its communication collaboration tool Wave a success, the search engine giant is also stepping up its Friend Connect service.

The service, which enables different website owners to add social networking features to their sites, would see the addition of several new features, aiming at bringing people of similar interests under one roof, and providing site owners with some handy data for designing content and advertising.

Along the same line, the company has announced a host of new features for its Friend Connect service that intend to gathering and utilising information from users.

The new features kick off with a number of ways to survey users for details about their particular interests.

A Friend Connect account holder could create polls to ask its users about their interests and other site-relevant questions, and consequently could have users respond to the poll when they login to the account holder’s website, through a poll-widget integrated in the site.

The interests will then be linked to the profiles of the users, and other users could use the details to find those with common interests to connect with them.

In addition, joining Friend connect accounts with Google Ad Sense accounts will also let the adverts displayed on the site to be more personalised and in line with the users’ likings.