Google Rolls Out A New Dashboard Feature To Address Privacy Concerns

With an eye on addressing the concerns raised by privacy campaigners about the amount of data it keeps on its users, Google has unveiled a dashboard feature which allows users using its services like YouTube or Picasa to see the information that the search giant stores about them.

The dashboard feature is basically designed to help people who use different Google services to access their related data from a single place in a transparent manner and give them flexibility in managing their privacy preferences.

To use the Google Dashboard one just needs to log into their Google account and click on the Dashboard link and after going through another verification login, one can check all the services he or she has been using at the same place.

The feature allows user to directly change his privacy settings from the dashboard screen; for example a person wants to change his Google chat settings, he can click on the manage chat history link on the dashboard and he will be directed to chat settings page where he can choose to change his preferences.

Apart from addressing privacy concerns, the dashboard can also come in handy for users to check out the services which they may not have been using for sometime.