Microsoft Slashes 800 More Jobs

In spite of the signs of getting over economic recession, Microsoft Corp. continues with its layoff drive, as it has announced to axe 800 more jobs across its multiple businesses across the globe.

Incidentally, back in January, the software giant had announced it was to eliminate as many as 5,000 positions within its businesses in its response to counter sagging sales and profits, and this new drive of layoffs is coming in addition to the previously announced ones.

A spokesperson for the company asserted that the job-cuts would be widely spread across its multitude of businesses at various locations, and that the software firm would continue to hire good people in its priority areas.

The software giant had already axed some 1,400 jobs back in January, followed by a thousand of additional job-cuts in the month of May. A spokeswoman for the company told that the company had already been over with what it has referred to as its “reduction plan”.

However, the website further quoted the spokeswoman as saying that “continuing to manage our businesses closely, as we always do, can mean additional headcount adjustments”.

The job losses in the company announced just after a week the company has declared its quarterly results in which it posted sharp decline in profits and revenues.