Mobile Broadband Connections Set To Surpass Fixed Lines By 2011

If the findings of a recent study conducted by mobileSQUARED are to be believed, mobile broadband connections in UK may outgrow fixed lines connections by the year 2011.

According to the research done by the mobileSQUARED, around 42.5 million fixed line users are expected to be around in UK by 2011 while the figure for 3G devices is predicted to reach the 36.3 million mark.

Taking into account another six million dongles and other embedded devices, it is likely that number of mobile broadband connections will easily go past the total number of fixed line connections by 2011.

Explaining the effect that the startling growth of mobile broadband is likely to have in the business sphere, Nick Lane from mobileSQUARED who authored the report mentioned "Mobile will become the primary access point for brands and businesses communicating with its consumers within two years."

It is important to note that mobile broadband has been growing at a brisk rate in the UK while the growth rates for fixed line connections have gone down in recent months.

In addition many telecom service providers are also waking up to the changing trend and have started offering competitively priced mobile broadband packages which at times are also clubbed with netbooks or other handheld devices.