Orange Allows iPhone Streaming Over Its Network

Leading telecom service provider Orange has assured potential iPhone buyers, who may look to use the device through its network, that it will not put stringent restrictions on accessing streaming content.

The assertion from Orange comes in the wake of concerns related to the download limit of 750Mb mentioned in its contracts which some analysts believe will seriously restrict iPhone users willing to use the phone for music streaming.

Coming on the heels of it disclosing tariff plans that hardly offered attractive rates than what rival O2 had in place for iPhone users, the low download limit raised apprehensions amongst people who were looking to use the iPhone over the Orange network.

However in its defence, Orange has clarified that the download limit of 750Mb is quite substantial when it comes to mobile broadband and a spokesman for the company mentioned “750MB is actually quite a lot of Mobile Data too—it’s about five hours of video downloaded from YouTube, 75,000 mobile web pages or 30,000 normal web pages, it’s 250 full music tracks or 1500 mobile games.”

Orange incidentally will become the second carrier on which iPhone will be available in UK besides O2 while Vodaphone is likely to roll out the service in 2010.