Orange Kicks Off Recycle and Reward Scheme

Mobile phone operator Orange has come up with a new proposition to allow people to have a chance of making money from their redundant mobile phones, laptops, as well as music players.

The operator has launched a new “Recycle and Reward” scheme, under which people can bring their old electronic gadgets into any UK Orange store and have cash rewards in return.

The company offers a wide range of cash rewards depending upon the type and condition of the device. A Nokia 95, for instance, could fetch up to £85 for the customer, while a Sony Ericsson C905 could be worth as much as £95.

In addition, under the scheme, the company will also recycle electronic gadgets and accessories that have no monetary value at all.

The company estimates that around two-thirds of the households in the UK have redundant mobile handsets lying around, equating to almost 90 million mobile phones worth £450 million.

Orange kicked off the initiative as a part of its pledge to shift towards a greener business.

Citing the same, the BBC quoted Paul French, chief of Care Products, as saying: “Recycle & Reward is just another small step for us, as a business and for the public, in our journey towards greener, more sustainable practices”.