Prevx Doles Out Free Online Safety Software For Businesses

Security vendor Prevx has rolled out a new security programme tailored to assist banking, e-commerce, and other government agency websites to better safeguard against a raft of floating malicious threats over the web intended on compromising their customers’ accounts.

The security programme, dubbed as “Prevx SafeOnline Business Partner Programme”, would offer the member companies a free access to a range of reports comprehending the types of malicious threats targeting their websites.

In addition, the member companies would be getting free “SafeOnline” software which can be provided to customers to bolster up online safety and imbue confidence in them about better security of their data online.

The software hence offered has the capability to provide protection against man-in-the-browser, phishing and DNS poisoning attacks, along with keystroke-logging Trojans.

In addition, the software further boasts of full real-time scanning capabilities to caution users about any underlying potential threats.

Mel Morris, chief executive of Prevx, said in a statement: “We are always in a situation where the real threats to people are the ones that bypass their current security measures, so the approach behind this is let's implement another layer of defence”.

He further noted that the security software has been tested by the vulnerability security company Immunity, and the tests have reportedly certified the software for providing 100 percent security against some of the most widespread banking Trojans including Zeus, Goldun, MBR, and Silent Banker Groups.