Ribbit Mobile Launches Google Voice-Like Communication Suite

In a move that could help people transform the manner in which they communicate, Ribbit Mobile has unleashed a new cloud-based service that lets users bring multiple phone numbers together, make calls using the internet, route calls at mobile to other phones, as well as receive transcribed voicemails.

Apparently aimed at Google Voice and the likes, the new service from Ribbit doesn’t necessitate users to have a new phone number, or a new handset, or a software download, and the service reportedly gets activated on any mobile phone within five minutes.

It further boasts of the capability to convert voicemails into text messages and sends it to the users, thereby doing away with the need of dial into voicemail and get access to the message.

It also offers users with an online message inbox to allow them to store and manage their messages anywhere they have the internet access.

Billed as a form of personal customer relationship management (CRM), the service also lets users to see a caller’s Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn messages while receiving a call.

The company also offers an online backup service to help the users in stressed situations, such as during the times when users have lost, or broken the mobile phone, or when the mobile services are inaccessible.