LG Unveils a Budget Touchscreen Handset Priced Below £100

With an eye on drawing budget customers who would like to own a touchscreen based phone, leading electronics giant LG has introduced a new mobile handset christened as LG POP which will be available at just £99.99.

While the LG POP sports a low price tag, it does score high on its feature range which includes 3.2MP camera, Bluetooth support and a microSD slot besides sporting a striking 3 inch touchscreen with 400 x 240 pixel resolution.

The LG POP also has a sleek look and can be counted amongst the smallest handsets by LG based on its dimensions; in addition it can display multiple home screens thanks to it S- class interface which is normally found on high end LG phones.

The phone also comes with an optional solar powered battery which is sure to go down well with environment conscious folks.

Even though the phone does have shortcomings like the absence of Wi-fi and 3G support, for the price it is available, it still comes across as a winner.

Many analysts believe that the new phone may find many takers including students and given the fact that it is available at tariffs as low at £15 per month, on an 18 month deal with T-mobile which includes 100 minutes of talk-time and 100 text messages.