Have you tried turning it off and on?

We all know the sexes are wired-up in different ways. Within the warm, all-inclusive, tolerant and embracing environment that is my blog, lets poke fun at each other on a Friday afternoon.

According to the BBC here, the company Gadget Helpline pulled these figures from a month’s customer data. 75,000 calls about gadgets in a month does sound like they’re really busy solving problems. Use a search engine to find out what other customers think if you’re going to consider subscribing.

The big reveals? 12% of guys and 7% of girls just needed to be told to plug it in. No surprise for those of you that work with the public, but to be fair I was given a screen shot of a big ‘off’ button this week in answer to a query so we can all have those moments. Women with queries also spent 32% longer on calls, but male callers were more than twice as likely to call back. Chatty, but get it right, versus in-a-rush and overconfident? An interesting statistic that has me wondering if call stats from male and female advisors would show any meaningful information. I’m now going to leave the gender debate, safe in the hands of the internet.

Originally published at OneMobileRing.com