Mobile Phone Inventor Feels Mobile Handsets Getting Way to Complex

Mobile handsets of today which boast a variety of features and convergence tools are getting way to complex to use, according to Martin Cooper who was instrumental in designing the first mobile phone at Motorola.

Speaking at a privacy conference in Madrid, Cooper argued that phones of today are getting difficult to use since they are attempting to do too many things at the same time and mentioned “Whenever you create a universal device that does all things for all people, it does not do any thing well.”

Today most phones do much more than just allow communication between two people and many have become mini computers in their own right and quite understandably they have become complex owing to their sophistication.

While Cooper may have a point about the increasing complexity of mobile phones that are entering the markets today, it is important to note that according to sales figures of mobile phones suggest that most customers these days prefer to go for handsets that are loaded with extensive a range of features.

The choice of customers can also be seen through the increasing sales of Smartphones which have skyrocketed over the past year while mobile handset sales across the same period have shown a poor growth trend.