‘Polished’ Moblin Introduces Support for Plug-Ins, 3G

The guiding committee behind the ‘Moblin Project’, an Intel-commissioned initiative, has announced the next iteration of the operating system, dubbed as “Moblin Linux 2.1”, which is aimed at nettops and netbooks incorporated with Intel’s low-powered Atom chipset.

The development of Moblin project was originally kicked off by Intel, but it’s now being operated under the aegis of the Linux Foundation.

The new version of the operating system brings a raft of new features and added plug-in support, such as support for 3G connections, along with several stability and performance improvements.

Of its most noteworthy feature, the latest version of the OS includes a new web browser that offers support for plug-ins, as well as for 3G data connections, which is as of now confined to the connections using 3G modems of Ericsson’s mobile broadband.

In addition, the OS also includes Bluetooth identification and syncing capabilities, coupled with notable improvements in its user interface (UI), and an in-built application installer for the Moblin Garage, and overall enhancements in performance and stability.

Although the current version of Atom processor for which Moblin is designed is considerably resource hungry and large in size, but Intel hopes that its forthcoming Moorestown package might help Moblin to slip into smaller devices.