Twitter Rolls Out New Retweet Feature On Limited Accounts

In a bid to ramp up its offerings to amplify the social networking experience of its strong user base, microblogging tsar Twitter has rolled out a new “retweet” feature on some of its limited accounts.

Codenamed as “Project Retweet”, the website has offered the feature on a small percentage of its accounts to evaluate its functionality in the wild.

The project would see adding a new button, tagged as ‘Retweet’, to some selected users’ profiles, in order to make forwarding an intriguing tweet to all their followers an easier task.

The website further quoted that the feature would help spread interesting, newsworthy, or plain informative tweets to the people who incessantly search for information.

The users would see a link to retweet an update on the website, as well as a way to track from where a given idea or retweet originally came from.

In addition, users of the website would also be able to track what they have retweeted, and what others have retweeted from them.

Initially the company is offering this feature to a limited number of users to check out for bugs, and if everything goes well, the feature could be made available to its whole user base.