Adobe Releases Android-Version Of

In yet another move that is indicating towards the surging popularity of Google’s Android in the mobile operating systems domain, software maker Adobe has announced it will unleash an Android version of its signature Photoshop application.

The announcement would see Android users having access to Adobe’s, which enables users to carry out multitude of image-relating tasks, such as image editing and managing online image collection in an efficient manner.

The Android-iteration of the app surfaces just around within a month after it was announced for iPhone and iPod Touch users.

Incidentally, the app in no time became the Apple App Store’s most sought after application with millions of users downloading it within the first week of its release.

Like its iPhone and iPod cousins, the Android version of the app allows Android users to perform image edits by moving their fingers across the screen as well as undo any changes made.

In addition, the new app also boasts some of the most commonly used image-related functionalities, such as rotate, crop, and flip images, along with capabilities for adjusting exposure, and pouring colour tint and saturation.

Furthermore, it also has the auto-uploader option, which automatically sends the user’s images into the’s cloud catalogue.

However, Android version of the app misses out on several amazing features, including an entire menu on full of filter effects along with the sketch tool.