Apple Addresses Syncing Issue With Apple TV 3.0.1 Update

Apple over the last weekend released an update to its Apple TV software in a bid to fix the issue pertaining to sudden disappearing of content until users re-sync it again.

The update, codenamed as “Apple TV software v3.0.1”, addresses the issue for the users who updated the recently released Apple TV 3.0 software, which was showing problems whereby its content, such as TV shows, movies, songs, etc, simply went missing.

Informing about the update process, the company said that users would be needed to restart their Apple TV which involves disconnecting it from power supply, followed by its subsequent re-connection.

After that, the users would have to click onto the ‘General’ option given under ‘Settings’ tab, followed by clicking the option ‘Update Software’ given therein, and finally they would simply be required to select ‘Download and Install’ tab.

However, if the problem of sudden disappearing of the content still persists, Apple has suggested the users to disconnect the Apple TV from their computers, by clicking onto the ‘Computers’ option given under Settings tab, and then reconnect the device again.

Furthermore, if the issue continues thereafter, the company recommended its users to opt for factory restore coupled with the update to version 3.0.1, before syncing content from iTunes.