Converged mobile device sales grow

The IDC is an industry-wide provider of reporting, analysis and market intelligence for people in our business. Their latest tracker reveals positive news for makers of the worlds smartphones. Here’s a cut down summary of their work plus some of my thoughts on the big five and their market share.

Nokia 37.9% market share. Leader of the pack shipping loads of the N97 and E71. Nokia plan to keep the lead as they announce their first Maemo powered phone with the N900. Dominate worldwide shipment of units yet struggle with the good people of the USA and Canada.

RIM 19% market share. Almost Nokia in reverse. North America is Blackberry powered but other world markets brought strong growth. RIM launched two new Blackberrys this quarter, the Tour for CDMA networks and the Curve 8520 for GSM.

Apple 17.1% market share. Highest volume ever in a single quarter for makers of the iPhone. Apple loyalists grab the yearly upgrade and the old one sells because it’s cheaper. The ending of the exclusivity deal in the UK with O2 and the iPhone launch in China will see continued growth.

HTC 5.6% market share. The real figure will be higher as this total excludes phones sold in branded livery. HTC are the largest provider of Windows Mobile phones. Lots to see this quarter including the Imagio, Tilt2, Pure, and Touch2. HTC are quickly making a mark with their Android family, showcasing the Dream, Hero, and Magic.

Samsung 3.5% market share. Squeezing into the top five with no increase in pure volume from a year ago. Another big supporter of Windows Mobile, featuring Windows 6.5 on the Intrepid. Samsung plan to maintain a slice of the Android market with the forthcoming Moment and Behold II.

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