Government Shelves Measures To Restrict Paedophiles On Facebook, Says Report

Government plans to put a check on paedophiles using the social networking platforms, such as Facebook and MySpace, have been held over amid the fears that such a proposition would infringe human rights laws.

Back in April, the Home Office announced that it was adopting measures to curtail the registered sex offenders from accessing the social networking sites used by millions of kids every day, and the new proposed law would have restricted as many as 30,000 registered sex offenders across the web, according to Observer.

In addition, it would also include prison-term for up to five years in case of failure to comply with these new laws, the news paper

Unfortunately, concerns that such a move wouldn’t be in line with the country’s human right laws have made the Government shelve the plans.

As per the report from the newspaper, the Government has decided to defer the plans amid fears that any move by the police to share personal info as well as email addresses of the offenders under the new law would presumably instigate legal challenges.

This comes as disappointing as the incidences of paedophiles approaching children on social networking platforms have considerably been soaring, according to an annual report from the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOPC).

A spokesperson for the Home Office told the newspaper: “We're seeking leave to appeal this decision to the Supreme Court.