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Minors Restricted From Using Facebook, Twitter on XBOX 360 Without Parental Approval

In a move aimed at protecting children from possible online threats that may arise out of using social networking sites, Microsoft has decided to restrict the access to applications like Twitter and Facebook through its XBOX 360 platform.

The XBOX 360 which is currently under public preview does not allow access to social networking sites for users who are under the age of 18 and Microsoft through its mouthpiece Major Nelson has clearly asserted that the same restrictions will remain when the platform becomes available in the market.

However parents will still retain the flexibility to approve which apps are suited for their children and which they feel should not be accessed by their kids.

Though the decision from Microsoft does have some merit, it is unlikely to go down well with teenagers in the age group of 13 to 17 who incidentally form a substantial chunk of its XBOX user base.

On the brighter side this decision may just encourage some teenagers to talk to their parents and explain the relevance of social networking sites in their lives and make them understand their viewpoint while parents too would get a chance to know the online habits of their children.

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