Palm Pre: Making a phone sound really dull

Now the Pre is available in the UK with O2 I’ll get my paws on one and post a review shortly. In the meantime I bring you a preview from the Palm website (it’s easier to embed it here via YouTube).

It’s hard for every ad campaign to spark interest but you’d think I was one of the market this was shooting for. I like gadgets, I like mobiles, I want to integrate my work and diary. I don’t ever want to see this advert again. See if you can last the full 1:58 with the sound on.

Forced myself to watch it twice more with their audio muted. First I used ‘O Fortuna’ (Carl Orff) and then ‘Ride of the Valkyries’ (Richard Wagner). Thankfully I’m awake again and my interest in the Pre has been resurrected.

The meeting mentioned in the original? Matt isn’t going to be there.

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