Samsung i7500 Galaxy Scores High On Both Looks and Features

Leading Korean electronic giant Samsung’s first effort to bring out an Android base mobile phone seems to have worked quite well with the sleek new phone boasting a bouquet of exciting features.

The Samsung i7500 Galaxy comes loaded with a powerful 5Mp camera, 8GB of onboard memory and it offers support for HSDPA 3G and Wi-Fi; in addition auto focus and LED flash is also available along with integrated MP3/MP4 players which facilitate a pleasurable musical experience.

Other features that the i7500 offers includes a microSD slot, Bluetooth and EDGE support, 3.5mm audio jack and an innovative accelerometer sensor that is designed to tailor images for better viewing on a large display screen.

The phone has captivating looks thanks to its glossy black body and its striking 3.2 inch OLED touchscreen that has the capacity to display 16 million colours.

The phone works on Google’s mobile operating system Android and it includes many of the characteristics features that the Android offers including ability to Geo tag images.

Many analysts believe that the Galaxy i7500 can look to gain a decent audience in the smartphone market and the brand recognition that Samsung has is also likely to work to its advantage.