Scotland All Set To Receive A Huge Funding Boost For Improving Its Broadband Infrastructure

In a move which is likely to give a huge impetus to Scotland’s plan for improving internet connectivity for its residents, the UK government has decided to invest £200 million to boost the broadband infrastructure in Scotland.

A major part of the funding will be used to improve networks in rural areas where connectivity is relatively poor and the investment is a part of the effort to roll out high speed fibre optic networks across the region by 2017.

Expressing optimism at the development of broadband in Scotland Stephen Timms, the minister for Digital Britain mentioned “Already the market in Scotland is delivering innovative ways of connecting people to these superfast networks. The Fibrecity initiative is already delivering 100Mbps broadband to residents in Dundee via fibre optic networks beneath the city.”

It is important to note that the government envisages to make the UK one of the most technologically advance knowledge economies in the world and the ongoing efforts in improving broadband infrastructure are aimed at achieving the proposed goal.

Faster broadband is expected to make businesses more competitive by improving communication, collaboration and data interchange while it is also expected to improve the delivery of government services and dissemination of information for public good.