Skype Founders Strike Back With Sizeable Stake In The Service

The long-standing legal wrangle over the hugely popular internet telephony service Skype between its original creators, present owners, as well as potential buyers has come to an end with the original founders were convinced in a settlement.

Founders of the service, Niklas Zennstrom and Zanus Friis, have been persuaded to drop their legal challenge in return of 14 percent stake in the VoIP service in a settlement with an investor group that is set to snap up the service.

In their law suit, the duo claimed that eBay infringed the licensing agreement for the integrated VoIP software powering the service by modifying and selling it to the investor group.

With umpteen numbers of legal filings and counter-filings, fears were abounding that the eBay-owned VoIP business, which it purchased back in 2005 for a massive $2.6 billion, would be crippled.

The settlement, which comes as an unexpected end to a convoluted legal battle, has been described as “fantastic news” and a significant part of what will go on to turn into “an unbelievable journey”, by the chief executive of Skype Josh Silverman.

It eventually turns out to be win-win situation for both eBay and Skype users, who were pretty much concerned about losing their favourite internet telephony service to the legal scuffle.