Sony Ericsson T715 Review

It's easy to think phones that are positioned free with low rental price plans are going to be disappointingly low spec. I'm pleased to say the T715 can easily escape this trap. Constructed in shiny brushed aluminium over robust plastic, this is a sleek, streamlined slider phone from Sony Ericsson.

A premium look and feel T-Series and spiritual successor to the W595. What you lose without the walkman branding and price tag, you more than make for with new features. True to design promises, the keys are large and easy to press and the menu structures and icons will be very comfortable for anyone who's used the manufacturer before.

Integrated data and a fast connection speed is where the phone starts to impress. Alternate either twitter tweets or facebook updates as your home screen, easily upload video to direct to YouTube and chat with Windows Live Messenger through built in applications.

The less good stuff. The music player interface looks very retro and the 3.2 MP camera is for casual use. 90MB internal with no microSD card being supplied is a recurring gripe for me. It all does the job but customers with specialised needs in these areas should reconsider.

In summary, value, fun and fully functional.

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