Sony Reveals Video Titles Available For Its Upcoming UK PlayStation Video Store

Sony has disclosed initial details about the video titles that would be made available on its upcoming PlayStation video store in the UK and it includes blockbusters like Transformers 2, Ice Age and Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

In its effort to offer its PlayStation users with an extensive range of movie viewing options, Sony has tied up with leading studios including the likes of Warner Bros, 20th Century Fox, Paramount Pictures, Disney and Universal to name a few.

With its new PlayStation video store scheduled for launch in November in UK along with France, Germany and Spain, Sony is aiming to beat the competition from other major gaming console vendors like Microsoft and Nintendo during the holiday season.

Though a full list of titles to be available on the store is yet to be announced, the initial must have list teaser that Sony has come out with, contains movies of every genre, from horror movies like The Hills Have Eyes to comedy flicks like Bruno.

Analysts believe that the high growth gaming console marketplace is going to see increasing competition in the coming days with major players coming up with new game titles and interesting add-ons to lure gaming enthusiasts.