Cisco Introduces Range Of Collaboration Tools

With an eye on offering a holistic range of collaboration tools to its users, Cisco has unveiled a range of new products that are tailored to drastically augment the existing communication paradigm in enterprises.

Some of the key new products that Cisco has added to its portfolio include a hosted email system called Cisco WebEx Mail, a sophisticated social networking platform, new IP based phones and secure video systems for collaboration amongst a group of users.

The idea behind the initiative stems from Cisco’s belief that collaboration needs of its customers are growing at an exponential pace and it plans to garner a substantial share in this emerging market opportunity.

Expressing his views on the subject, Tim Stone who heads the collaboration solutions team at the IT giant mentioned “Collaboration is a mega trend. Companies are more global, and their workers are more mobile, and those in offices are requesting access to the sort of applications that they use at home."

Cisco incidentally is looking to integrate traditional tools like internet messaging and emails with new emerging concepts and it is trying to customise its solutions in a manner that they prove beneficial to the increasing number of mobile workers.

Our Comments

Cisco is tapping into the exploding market of online collaboration solutions, something that will not only conquer new markets but also replace traditional collaborative tools.

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