Modern Warfare 2 Launches With Star Studded Party At Leicester Square

The launch of the video game Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 had all the hallmarks of a major movie release with a celebrity studded party at Leicester Square which was hosted by Vernon Kay.

A striking part of the launch which resembled a West End premiere was the use of a camouflage coloured carpet in contrast to the typical red which is normally seen at movie releases.

The new video game title from the Call Of Duty series has already managed to garner a frenzied attention amongst its fans and some London retailers even opened up their shops at midnight so that gaming enthusiasts can purchase the title.

Modern Warfare 2, which boasts of stunning graphics and an absorbing game-play, is expected to achieve record sales with many trade analysts predicting a sales figure of around 3 million copies in the very first week of its release in UK.

However along with popularity the video game has also managed to draw criticisms from various quarters who have opposed the highly violent content present in the game.

Keith Vaz, a prominent Labour MP, who also heads the Home Affairs Select Committee has even called the video game to be banned since the game contained what he termed as "scenes of brutality.”