Virgin Media Conducts Successful 3D TV Trials

In what can be termed as a major achievement for Virgin Media, the company has managed to successfully conduct 3D TV trials on its current cable network infrastructure and that too with its existing set top boxes.

The news of successful tests were confirmed to TechRadar by a company official who claimed that the tests which were carried out at its Oxford Street store through a standard V+ box were a complete success and the company was capable of broadcasting 3D programmes over its existing network if a significant demand is noticed.

With these successful tests, Virgin Media joins the Rupert Murdoch owned Sky network which had demonstrated successful 3D test trials on its network last year and it plans to start running 3D content by late 2010.

While major networks across the world are framing up plans to roll out 3D content, it is important to note that for viewing 3D programmes, viewers need to get hold of television sets that are 3D enabled.

Though most technology analysts agree that 3D Programmes marks the next step of television viewing experience, they do point out that its popularity, at least in near future will depend on lowering of cost price of television sets that can support this technology.