Virgin Media Offers Two Months Subscription Free On Its Broadband Packages

Cable service provider Virgin Media has announced two months worth of free services to all its new users signing up to one of its triple broadband packages this year.

According to a fresh deal from the cable giant, customers signing up to a package of at least broadband size L (up to 10Mb), TV Size M+, and phone size M (Talk weekends) until the end of this year will receive a couple of months of subscription free usage if they also get Virgin phone line for £11 per month.

Along with this, customers placing their orders online will further be getting free installation worth £35 (excluding V+ set-up) as a part of the bundle.

However, it must be noted that the two months free subscription will be available to the customers signing up to “super speedy broadband bundle” from Virgin Media, which will be priced at £33.50 per month after the free subscription period ends.

This exclusive bundle from the cable operator involves 50Mb fibre optic broadband, unlimited landline calls in the UK, as well as more than 65 digital TV channels to its users.

Broadband services included in this bundle carry unrestricted downloads under the fair usage policy, free PCguard Total security tool, along with a wireless router.