Google Rolls Out New Programming Language Tailored For Creating Apps

With an eye on reducing the complexity associated with creating complex applications, the search engine giant has come out with a new programming language called Go which inherits many features from languages like Python and C++.

The new open source language is claimed to be very fast when it comes to compiling and running a program and Google even suggests that large binaries can be compiled within a matter of seconds and thus one can look to get instantaneous builds.

The attempt by Google to create a new programming language is likely to be welcomed by many developers who would love to experiment with a language that cuts down the time and effort required for creating applications while giving them the flexibility to include complex logic flows.

Explaining the advantages of the new language, Google in a blog post mentioned “Go is a great language for systems programming with support for multi-processing, a fresh and lightweight take on object-oriented design, plus some cool features like true closures and reflection.”

It is important to note that Go happens to be the second programming language that Google has launched this year and it had earlier launched a programming language called Simple for its mobile operating system Android.