Home Secretary Ignored Gary McKinnon’s Mother

The mother of the self-confessed hacker Gary McKinnon, who could face extradition to the US for trial, went through a serious emotional turmoil after Alan Johnson, the Home Secretary, reportedly denied to talk to her.

Janis Sharp, the mother of the accused hacker, attempted to meet Mr Johnson during a break in a hearing before a House of Commons committee, but she was offered not more than a plain handshake and the Home Secretary completely snubbed her and walked in silence.

Ms Sharp has frequently been rebuffed in her efforts to convey her son’s plight to the Home Secretary, and has given evidence to MPs in which she mentioned that McKinnon’s extradition to the US for trial could result in his death.

Mr Johnson, however, has halted the extradition process while he considers fresh evidence that McKinnon’s mental health has been affecting due to the stress triggered by the chances of being extradited.

Although it has been claimed that Mr Johnson went past McKinnon’s mother in silence, but a Home Office spokesman said that it wasn’t actually so.

“As the Home Secretary walked back into the committee room, Mrs Sharpe shook the Home Secretary’s hand and thanked him for halting proceedings while he considered the additional medical evidence. The Home Secretary acknowledged Mrs Sharp before going back into committee”, the spokesman said in a statement.