Intel Unveils Text Reader For The Visually Impaired

Intel has come up with a specialised e-book reader tailored for visually impaired individuals which includes a point to shoot camera and has the capacity to read out text.

The new device called Intel Reader can be used to snap an image of any document or a signage etc present on the road and it can then be converted by its text to speech tool and read out aloud.

The device which is available for $1,499 is believed to have the capacity to read out details in a "lifelike" voice through the device’s speakers or its headphones and it can also be used by people with low vision to magnify images they have trouble viewing.

The Intel Reader comes with a removable battery that is claimed to have a four hour lifespan and it also boasts of a large 4.3 inch display.

Expressing his satisfaction at the launch of the device, Louis Burns the general manager of Digital Health Group at Intel mentioned "We are proud to offer the Intel Reader as a tool for people who have trouble reading standard print so they can more easily access information..., such as reading a job offer letter or even the menu at a restaurant."