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Dell Unveils Its Inspiron Zino HD Range Of Sleek Mini PCs

With an eye on garnering a segment of the style conscious mini PC market dominated by the likes of Apple Mac Mini, leading computer manufacturer Dell has rolled out its range of glossy Inspiron Zino HD mini PCs which will be available in vivid colours.

The Zino HD offers a choice of AMD Athlon Neo X2 processor series (ed: Surprising choice from Dell given the close proximity of the Texan manufacturer with Intel) and one can look to install up to 8GB of 800MHz DDR2 of primary memory on it while it also offers an option of up to 1TB of storage capacity.

The new mini PC from Dell has sleek contours that measure just 7.8" x 7.8"x 3.4" and it comes loaded with a Blu-ray drive and a HDMI connector which allows an user to connect the PC to a television or computer screen and watch movies and videos in full HD quality!

Some analysts believe that the Zino is geared up better than the Acer’s Revo and it can take the competition to the Mac Mini which starts at $499 whereas the Inspiron Zino sports starting price tag of just $299.

Apart from the price factor, the Zino is also going to appeal to many Windows users who may have been looking to buy a mini PC but were unwilling to experiment with a Mac. The Zino comes with Windows 7 Home Premium by default.

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