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HTC HD2 Available From Vodafone From £35 Per Month

The phone will be the third and most expensive HTC mobile device - after the Tattoo and the Magic - available from Vodafone and comes with a whopping 4.3-inch capacitive touchscreen, a 5-megapixel camera, a MP3 player, HSDPA connection, WiFi, GPS and much more.

The HD2, formerly known as Leo, includes other nifty technologies like a 1GHz ARM chipset as well as a dedicated graphics processing unit that is based on the Xenos, the same GPU that powers the Xbox 360 console.

Vodafone offers the HD2 on the £35 per month contract with unlimited landline calls, unlimited internet and webmail, unlimited texts and 900 minutes, all with a 2-year commitment period. An extra £5 gets you an additional 300 anytime minutes, whilst the same deals on 18 months will cost potential customers £5 more.

Note that both T-Mobile and O2 have confirmed that they will be selling the phone sooner rather than later. Furthermore, Vodafone has a 500MB fair use policy limit on its "unlimited internet" addon.

Our Comments

One has to pray that Windows 7 Mobile will be compatible with the HD2 otherwise, this fine piece of gadgetry will be obsolete by the middle of next year. Furthermore, let's hope that HTC brings Android 2.0 to the HD2 (and possibly renames it as the HD3). It will be interesting to find out which of the two platforms performs the best with the same hardware.

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